Sunday, January 22, 2006


Tonight I met S at Coastal Kitchen, in Capitol Hill. We ate Portuguese food which was good, but I couldn't have any Portuguese fish because it all had some kind of bacon sauce or something bacony on the side, so I had something artichokey and chickpea and portobello, which was really good anyway. S is nice and tall, and he really needs a haircut. But he's really quirky and funny and kind of nervous and shy and an only child from Iowa. We seemed to have a lot to talk about. After dinner he showed me his super cute bright blue scooter, and let me ride it! Wheee! I went in a straight line, down an alley, but I can't turn yet. I want one! Then we had a drink at the Canterbury and it kind of smelled funny in there and the gin was icky but it was okay, and I told him all about pygmy goats. He loves goats. Heh. So yeah, good banter. Whenever I said something like, "Here's this really weird idea I have," he would get this really interested, excited look in his eye. And he liked my car a lot. So do I!

In the bathroom at the restaurant tonight I learned that the 3-year-old Portuguese King Sebastian ordered his armies into Africa, to their bloody death. The following day it was discovered that his nanny has misunderstood his request for strained peas.

Now I'm very tired. I wish I had pics of the weiner meet up today, but maybe next time. I have absolutely nothing planned to do tomorrow and I'm really really excited about that. I'm going to watch lots of DVDs, work on the plaid scarf, the Bambino blankie, cuddle with the short dogs, and maybe clean the bathroom. Oh I can't wait to do nothing!!

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