Sunday, November 11, 2007

Note to self

Personal reminder to Rosebuttons:

Reality just called, it wanted me to tell you are a nurse.

Contrary to evidence of recent activities, you are not actually a member of the jet-set idle-rich who have nothing better to do than jet around the world, hang out in world-class cities, wander aimlessly through museums, and take three-hour lunches with copious amounts of wine or ridiculously named cocktails.

Starting tonight, you actually have to go to *work* know, that place where you attempt to earn a laughable piece of paper some call a paycheck? Because traveling is not actually free, as much as you may be certain that it should be, as it is definitely one of your inalienable rights as a human being and apparently as necessary to you as air, water, and caffeine.

And also, at this place called *work* you actually have to do stuff, like show up at a certain time, and stay for a prescribed number of hours, and complete eleventy-bazillion tasks. But wait, here comes the scary also have actual responsibilities. Like monitoring invasive lines and equipment with the purpose of keeping a human being alive. And delivering important medications, and assessing problems, and communicating with other people (whether you want to or not). It is wise to note that these responsibilities and tasks are a bit harder and more important than the tasks that you've most recently been doing, such as trying to decide between the chicken or the fish, or if you should nap before or after dinner, or if you should hop on the metro or just walk through the streets of Paris to get some falafel. Because no one probably died if missed the metro train or if you accidentally napped for two hours instead of one.

So anyway, I know you haven't really forgotten that you are a nurse, but sometimes it is much more pleasant to avoid reality for a while. Sorry. Hey, wait, where are you going? I'm talking to you, Rosebuttons. What are you doing on that computer? Is that the British Airways site you're looking at? Are those little numbers and letters flight times and dates? Seriously, Rosebuttons. Wait, how much? Seriously? Well, London is wonderful this time of year...