Monday, February 15, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I quit my job. I got a new job. I start next week.

I will be an outpatient hospice case manager nurse. I will be working Monday through Friday, daytime hours, no nights, no weekends, no holidays. I have heard rumors that this is the schedule that most people keep, being up and about during daylight hours, sleeping at night, and keeping somewhat "regular" hours. I haven't lived this way in nearly eight years, since I started nursing school, so this may be an interesting, if possibly difficult, transition. I actually feel completely ready and excited for this schedule change however, which is something I honestly never thought I would ever say. I loved nigh shift, I was a great "day sleeper," I loved having three to four days off a week, doing my errands in the middle of the week, going to the grocery store at 2am. But I sort of over that now. I'm over working interminable, often-grueling 12 hours shifts, the sore back, the aching feet, losing half my week to the sleep/eat/work routine with no room for anything else. I'm over inpatient-unit manglement policies and procedures and decisions, isolation gowns, and short-staffing headaches.

I'm excited for the new job, both for the schedule but even more so for the hospice work...more on that transition later. Maybe I should start a new blog, chronicling my adventures as a visiting hospice nurse, interspersed with my attempts at photography, my foray into vegetable gardening, and my efforts at cooking 660 different curries? Or maybe this is all just a natural continuation of Knitting in the Dark...?