Friday, March 31, 2006

My eggs are quivering in fear

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I'm sure you're all wondering, where is Rosebuttons, why has she not blogged lately? If you're thinking, "Ah, she must have been called home to Planet Zuthar to complete her mission," as evidenced by the photo, you're close. Actually, I've just been at work...wearing a PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) in order to care for a patient receiving aerosolized ribavirin treatments for RSV pneumonia. The little pump, worn on that belt at my waist, blows purified air into my stylish white hood. And while the entire apparatus is attractive and convenient, I am actually wearing it because ribavirin is a known teratogen. It will make me have three-headed babies, or something equally undesirable.

Speaking of babies, (sorry, weird segue) I have fallen head over heels for this little fellow . I just need some rational reminders as to why having three dachshunds is just not a good idea. Because...well, look at him!! I could teach him commands by sign language! I've already been reading up on it! Argh.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I made this!

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I'm so darn crafty I impress myself sometimes :) I found a free tutorial online, and I snipped up an old pair of jeans that didn't fit anymore, and two hours later I had a "brand new" jean skirt! Just in time for spring. So of course I put it right on, didn't even bother to change my witchy socks, and took a long walk in the sunshine with the doggies. Next, I plan to "skirtify" my old brown cords and a pair of camo fatigues from Ragstock, who knows where it will end!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Day by the Bay

I am smitten...with wee little Bellingham. It's just so small, and quiet, and simple, and there's all this water and water and mountains and trees. Ahh. It was easy to find parking spots, and the shops were charming, and there were lots of Thai and Indian restaurants. I could definitely live there. I saw the parents, Mum had her first fish tacos, and it was a good day. Now, must be getting to sleep early so I can clean tomorrow for their visit...

Yesterday I went to Bainbridge on the ferry with Mike, and I think we had a lovely time. I love riding the ferries. I was in a little bit a daze...that first day off after a stretch of work days is always wonky. I'm worn out and dazed from work, both mentally and physically, I've slept very little, and I'm not quite sure what time of day it that made it a little weird. Then...he kissed me goodbye before I got in my car. It was okay, I was kind of surprised, then later I was kind of annoyed that he kissed me in a parking garage, then I was bothered by the fact that all I had felt was annoyed and nothing else. Hmm. We're going to see a show at the Triple Door tomorrow so I'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I eat panties.

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Ted is gross. But somehow just concerned enough about cleanliness to keep his ears back like this when he eats to keep them out of this food bowl. Or maybe it just allows him to eat faster. Either way, he's kind of gross but too cute for words.

It was windy today.

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As I was knitting cozily on the couch, watching Footballer's Wives and snacking on tiny cookies, I heard a huge crash outside, followed by a car alarm. No screams or sirens followed, so I shrugged and continued watching TV and knitting away. A bit later, as I went into the kitchen to refill my glass, I noticed this sight from my window. No, that's not my car.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Log in for love

Heh...there's a new show on TLC by that name, about online dating, it's very good. I highly recommend it.

Along those lines...I had a date tonight, even though I'd sworn it off. Somehow this one emailed me just under the wire of my "expiration" from match dot com, and tonight I finally met M in person. Verdict? There might a possibility here. Not sure of what, don't want to say anything too early. But he's not a weirdo, or scary, and he saw Brokeback Mountain and isn't bothered by gay people. (reference to date on Saturday...not even worth blogging...). He's also in the medical field, likes dogs, owns his own home. So...we're going out again, this time for dinner, on Wednesday night. Stay tuned!

Last days

Not my last days, my patients' last days...or hours, or weeks. Most of the patients I've had lately have died, not on my watch, but within days or a week from when I took care of them. I learned that my patient, JL, died within two days of his emergency brain surgery the morning of my last shift with him. He never woke back up after the surgery, so I can't help thinking about things that maybe I was the last person he ever spoke to, and maybe Goonies was the last movie he ever watched because I was flipping through the channels for him and he said, "Goonies would be perfect." I took care of JL back in December as well, and for a while he got "better" and left the hospital. But this time was the first time I'd ever talked to him, since he'd been intubated previously. My other patient, JR, died last week, on comfort care. Last week, I took care of 50-yr-old GH, suffering from end-stage cancer and going home to hospice care. I wonder how much longer I'll be able to work at the oncology ICU.

Scarf done!

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I finally finished the Plaid Campus scarf from Scarf Style, in Rowan Tweed. It was lovely and fun to knit EXCEPT for the weaving in hell at the end because I naturally did not "weave ends in as you go" because seriously, who does that? was finished and then languished in the Works in Progress Basket for days as I took small bits of time to weave in all those darn ends from each color change. Then it was boxed up and mailed off to its very grateful recipient on the east coast. Haven't started anything new yet...still working on the blue cabled Shedir hat from knitty in Rowan Calmer, and of course, the never-ending Bambino Blankie.