Sunday, January 29, 2006

still here...

Ack! I haven't posted in a while. If there was a chance that anyone read this, I might feel guilty. But I don't.

Anyway...this week a dear little 82-year doolally came into our ICU. She had been at the dentist, simply to have a crown replaced. BUT...somehow, she inhaled the old crown. Inhaled it pretty good, right past that epiglottis and way deep down into her lung. They tried to get it out with a bronchoscope, but couldn't. I think it was finally removed two days later, surgically. Sheesh. As if you needed one more reason to avoid going to the dentist.

This week I did my taxes, and now I get to decide what to do with the "free" money that Uncle Sam has been holding for me all year. I want this. I also really want one of these. But I really really want to go to Iceland, and maybe Paris and maybe even Amsterdam. With a stop in England, of course. But over next Christmas I think I should go on a Mediterranean cruise or maybe just to Vegas. All these choices! In the meantime I should go fill my car with gas and go grocery shopping.

Saw Brokeback Mountain last night, I liked it very much. Mostly because I love cowboys and the west and horses, and it showed that being a cowboy can pretty much suck most of the time. Which is true. But it was pretty well done.

I'm really crabby this weekend so I'm going to sign off now, since I can only think of more crabby things to say.

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