Thursday, January 19, 2006

Doggie of the Day

In case I needed another one, here is Reason #74 why I'd rather stay at home than go to work. Well, technically, reasons #74 and 75. That's sort of not true, I actually look forward to going to work and mostly really enjoy my job (I know, I'm crazeeeee). But, when these little faces beg me to come back to the down blankie and them on the couch, it's a tough call.

D, the burrito date from last night, emailed and said he wants to get together again. He even suggested going to the p-a-r-k with the dogs or playing tennis with his son (eek?). Maybe we'd do better if we were just hanging out rather than over a meal. Should I give him another chance? He still wants to see me even though a.) I admitted to not having a problem with running into toddlers with a shopping cart...hey, it only takes one time, and they won't do that again!, and b.) Nary even a hint of a goodnight kiss last night, since I sped off as fast as the Matrix would go. Hmm. I guess this idea that other people of the opposite sex actually want to make plans with me and spend time with me is a bit new, since I'm used to competing with the dwarves from Worlds of Warcraft for attention and I was usually less compelling than a Southern Comfort and Coke...funny that. recap, date with S on Saturday to eat Portuguese fish (I'm excited, he's an architect and he builds things from wood!), possible tea with G next week (he has red hair and is 6'3"), and cocktails with J at the Matador either Sunday or next week. Then there's D...maybe I'll give him another chance. OR...I'll invite them all to the same place at the same time, I'll hide in the next room, and my friends will circulate, making small talk with the possible suitors, and vote on a winner. We could do it weekly! Like Survivor, except voting people off Rose Island!

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