Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ho hum

All I can say is, I'm glad I'm the girl and phooey on feminism, because at least I get free burritos out of this dating thing. Date with D was okay, burrito was excellent, as usual. He was getting over this "flu" thing and kept coughing, and would end each cough with a little "Ow" whine. So yeah, that was hot. And he seems to be very into working out, and healthy food, and things that I am not. Granted, I see the value in working out and healthy food, but as lifestyle choices and not riveting conversational topics. I think I might have spent more time getting ready to go out than dinner actually lasted. Things seemed a little boring. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't too excited to go in the first place (not a good sign that when I went to pick him up and he wasn't outside waiting, I wondered if 45 seconds was a reasonable enough time to wait before calling it a night and going home). Or maybe just we didn't have a lot in common or much interest in each other. Perhaps I didn't need to say, "Do you need to finish your water or are you ready to go?" And I had to drive, which seemed weird. Probably only weird because I'm so super picky and always look for things to be weird, but still. So when I dropped him off he asked if I wanted to come in, and offered to show me the clock he had with his own picture in it, but I demurely declined, citing an early meeting. So yeah.

Stay tuned for Saturday night, with S. What should I wear? Is a skirt and boots too much for a first date? Jeans and boots? Comfy elastic waist pants? Come on people, help me here.

I went to the gym today, for the first time in 3 years or so. Big step for me, because I'm always confused and intimidated by gyms. But I went, rode the bike for 23 minutes, and left. Of course I'll do more next time, and if it isn't so full I'll maybe try to figure out how to use those big machines with the weights and pulleys and thingies or something. Still need to clean the bathroom, but I have a scarf to work on and The Madness of King George to watch.

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