Monday, January 23, 2006


Ahhh...I just had the most deliciously lazy day. I wore sweatpants all day long. I didn't brush my hair. I watched four hours of trashy DVD (the OC!) while I worked on my tweedy plaid scarf then the Bambino blankie then I started a soft white hat for me while I watched One Day in September. It's a 1999 documentary of the events at the Olympics in Munich in 1972, as depicted in Spielberg's new movie, Munich, which I haven't seen yet. I wanted to see the documentary first, sort of as a primer, because I didn't know very much about the events and get annoyed when I'm watching a movie based on "historical" events but keep saying to myself (hopefully not out loud, but you never can be sure...) "Seriously? Did it really happen like that? Or this the part where I suspend disbelief for the sake of entertainment?" Anyhow, very well done documentary, once you get past the weirdness that is Michael Douglas narrating. But, all I can say about the events that September...uhm, Germany? Way to fuck that one up. Maybe they weren't just embarrassed enough over a little thing called World War II. After 6 million, were eleven more inconsequential? Sheesh. Thanks for diverting my usual disgust and embarrassment towards the US government for an hour and 34 minutes. Oy. I could go on, but I don't want some angry Bavarian on my case.

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