Tuesday, January 10, 2006

soggy brains

Just like rain, but when it's 2 degrees.-->

I think Seattle's brains are getting soggy, or just water-logged, because people get a lot stupider when it rains for 21 days in a row. Either that or my patience for other human beings wears even thinner. But I have rain boots. And enough already with the rainy complainy...it could be worse. It's not like you have to shovel rain, put on rainscreen, or buy rainglasses. You don't even get rainbite on your nosies and toesies. All you get is wet. And no one ever died from being wet. So seriously, lazy people, it's about the only bad weather you don't have to do anything about except turn the little nobby in your car to wipe it away. Oh and also...this is Seattle. Palm trees and sunshine are a bit further south, if that's what you were expecting. Okay, that's all for now.

Dating update...supposed to have burritos and margaritas with D tomorrow night, but he claims to have gotten the flu. Or, as a less cynical person would say, he's come down with the flu and we'll have to reschedule. Actually, I probably believe him (aside from the semantics of the definition of "flu" from a male vs. female perspective, but that's a whole other rant). And I have a full day of car maintenance and budget shopping and lunching and gym joining and food buying tomorrow, so I'm rather looking forward to logging some couch time in the evening with the short dogs, my down blankie, and an Ingmar Bergman flick.

Observations from online dating website: There are apparently no men shorter than 5' 10" in the greater Seattle area, however, something interesting about actually being 5' 10" is that you may appear to be anywhere from 5'3" to 5' 8". Even though that can't be true, because no men are shorter than 5' 10". Like a funhouse mirror. Or something. Also, I have decided that men who feel it is necessary to state that they're looking for someone "intelligent" don't deserve someone intelligent. Which must be why they're still looking for one.

Oh! If you act soon, you too can have a cool SIFF membership card and passes to as many movies as you can watch in late May/early June! www.seattlefilm.org I got mine, cried a little as I spent the money, but it was a treat to myself for the overtime I've been working and the toilets I've been flushing.

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