Monday, December 11, 2006

What I learned today

1. Baby-sitters are allowed to break some rules. Despite what so-called child-rearing experts say about making the baby fall asleep on their own in their little cribs, sometimes a sleepy warm baby on your chest is enough to make you fall asleep yourself, and share a lovely nap with the baby. I had the best of intentions of getting up to put the blinky-eye-rubby baby into her crib to sleep, but well....

2. Saudi Arabia is a particularly frightening, corrupt, and fundamentalist part of the world.

3. Headache pills are worth more than their weight in gold, not only to me. When I opened my new box of pills and found only half the amount that was supposed to be there, I cried. A lot. Then cried some more because I was so befuddled by my own crying over headache pills. And then I cried some more because I was so sad that the difference between having headache pills and not having headache pills makes such a huge difference to my quality of life. As in, a life that I would like to have apart from laying prostrate on the couch in the dark trying not to breathe too hard because even breathing hurts. So I am either taking them in my sleep or there is a stupid or corrupt pharmacist out there who has my precious pills in his pocket. I'm going to call the pharmacy tomorrow to talk to a manager but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it without crying.

4. Using the deposit function on an ATM machine delays the posting of your check to your account by several precious days, causing annoying "insufficient funds" charges to be posted to your account in the meantime. Next time, walk inside the bank.

Urgh. I'm hungry. And I'm really freakin' sick of having a headache.

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