Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day to all!

This is Ted and Stinky Duck, looking on sadly as I ignore him while I play with my new favorite toy, my wee Macbook. Photo taken by macbook itself. That's my leg on the left, you might recognize me by my polar fleece uniform that I am wearing in order to couch surf in the utmost style. And yep, I lists and lists of things to do before I leave the country in two (eek!) weeks but today I am being lazy and recovering from my 60 hour work week. I might nap now, then shower and go to Target and then the Verizon store in order to investigate the possibility of buying a cell phone that I can use in London and SA. Wish me luck. On the phone search, that is. Not so much on the napping or Target shopping, I do pretty good with those activities :)

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