Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Any chimp can play human for a day...

Just a cool line from Rilo Kiley, my latest favoritest album.

So the days count down, until I leave the country. I've done a few things, but I feel like the time is ticking by and nothing will get done.
Here's what I've accomplished so far:
  • bought a new mobile phone (quadband, GSM)
  • cancelled my previous mobile phone contract, because I couldn't use that phone outside of the US or Canada
  • made an appointment to get my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed
  • made a doctor's appointment
  • suspended my cable TV and internet service (I'm using my neighbor's wireless service, and the cable won't be officially suspended until the day I leave. Live without my DVR? Are you kidding?)
  • bought a converter/adapter kit for electrical thingies
  • Saw Night at the Museum (okay, not exactly necessary for going abroad, but definitely necessary for my sanity)
  • made an appointment for an oil change and check-up because my car's "check engine" light came on this morning
  • balanced my checkbook and realized I can't afford the oil change, hair cut, brow wax, or new clothes until I get my paycheck advance from my foreign employers
  • found out I probably don't have health insurance coverage after this month
  • found out that I won't get my paycheck advance until I get to London
  • bought lots of tiny travel things and generic OTC meds for my first aid kit to take with me
  • Had to use some of the Airborne and zinc lozenges and cold medicine already for the runny nose and itchy sore throat that I have now
But anyway, somehow I guess everything will get done. Somehow I'll pay for what I need to pay for. And somehow I'll get to London.

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