Friday, December 15, 2006

Blow me away

So last night it was a bit windy here in Seattle. If you were actually in the Puget Sound area last night, you'll know that statement is the understatement of the year. I was having trouble sleeping anyway, probably because a.) it was night time, and I'm noctornal, and b.) my afternoon nap was too late in the afternoon. For some reason, the wind was way noisier in my bedroom than the living room, so I ended up on the couch with the doggies, sort of half-sleeping, and developing a headache. So I called in sick for my shift today and went back to sleep until 10am. When I re-awoke then, I was dismayed to find my cable TV and internet were down, although I fortunately did have electricity, which is apparently more than a lot of Seattle could claim. I spent a very lonely and quiet day watching movies and reading and knitting. To be completely honest, it's fairly close to how I usually spend my days off, except for the fact that since I couldn't watch cable TV or check my email or pretend to shop online, I was itching with boredom. But now the cable is back, and lo, there is nothing on worth watching. And no emails of any interest, and surfing the internet sounds boring. I'm such a brat.

I have a bit of a housing dilemma. I have to move out of my place when I go...well, over there. So naturally I'll have to give up the apartment, although I adore it, and it's perfect for me and my wienie kids, and I don't want to rent anywhere else. I have to move all my stuff into storage, then when I get back, I have to stay with my parents or friends until I a.) buy a house and move into it, or b.) find an apartment and move my stuff into it only to re-move again in a few months when I finally buy a house. This plan sort of sounds reasonable on first glance. But it is complicated by two very important points: I hate moving. I hate packing, cleaning, moving, everything. I don't so much hate the unpacking part of it but that's not really the point. And in this plan, I have to move twice. Maybe three times. And secondly, I can't stand living with other people. No matter who they are, I hate sharing my space. I wish I could just return from...over there and go house shopping, pick a place I like, and move into it, all within a week. The only other alternative to this plan is to keep my apartment, keep paying rent on it and not move my stuff out, and it will be here, waiting for me when I get back, then when I find a place to buy, I'll move then. Unfortunately, that lovely plan is a bit more expensive than renting a storage locker and sucking it up living with friends or family. Ugh. Did I mention how much I cringe at the thought of having to put on pants to go to the bathroom? Or not being able to watch what I want on TV all the time? I know, I'm a brat.


CleanDryIntact said...

Wow! I'm going through the same dilemma, too. Well, not about to go halfway across the globe (just to NYC, hopefull, to travel nurse) but same general problem.. where do I put my stuff? I hate moving, too! I'll have to move my poor dog to a new city, in a rental car, across 3000 miles. NYC is like another country, sorta, isn't it? Yeah, maybe you should hire movers. Still sucks but better cuz they'd do most of the hard stuff. Expensive but seems WORTH it! I might go that route, myself.

Jill's world of research, reaction, and millinery said...

Hey Rose~
Congrats on being named TIME magazine's Person of the Year!

Read all about it at:,8816,1569514,00.html

I just hope they have good pictures of all us bloggers when ever they get around to posting pictures of all of us award winners!