Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things that are gross

First of all, I am not one to brag about the gloriousness that is Seattle in the Summer (apart from Seafair, tourists, traffic, and bikers taking up my lane of traffic), mostly because it's already crowded enough here and Seattle has already gotten a fat little ego and behaves pretty pretentiously about its great old self (but I digress.) As I was saying, I like to keep the secrets of the green, lush, sunny, temperate, rainless summer to myself, lest hoards of *gasp* right-coasters or worse, tourists, clog up my fair city. Also, it's just not nice to remind your friends in other parts of the country who are sweating and melting and sweltering and mostly complaining like crazy that you are so damn comfortable in your AC-free house in just an old skirt and a t-shirt. Ahhh. point was that when you log on to to see if you need to wear a light sweatshirt over your tank top as you walk around the lake, and the headline reads "Heat wave! Dangerous record highs!" then, in little letters at the top it reads, "local weather: Seattle, 64" you can't help but snicker a little and sigh happily. And before you go poking your little Rosebuttons voodoo dolls with blistering hot needles and sending me sucky weather karma, let me remind you that I spent 12 years in the midwest, that's "America's Heartland," (those are Quotes of Sarcasm), the Flyover States, aka the land of 10-month winters with temps around minus 50 and two months of sauna-like humidity and heat and mosquitoes bigger than kittens. So yeah, nasty hot summers suck. Huge hairy balls. However, Seattle summers don't suck. But shhh. Don't tell. I think the airport closes for the summer anyway, so you can't come. So do the highways. (Seattle drivers snicker, "Tell me about it. Just in the summer?")

Yesterday I went to Target, and bought some cheap clothes that I may or may not have needed. Then I ordered some Indian food, and stopped first at another Indian restaurant along the way to buy a jar of the Best Stuff Ever, mango relish. I was tempted over to the nearby Walgreens to buy some hair dye (currently burning itself into my scalp. Gotta shower soon, T minus 6 minutes). But between the restaurant and my car I had a mild spaz attack and dropped the bag with my hair dye and mango relish, causing the top to loosen and spew oily mango relish all hands, the hair dye box, etc. So I sort of wiped off my hands the best I could and proceeded to the next Indian restaurant to pick up my eggplant bharta, self-consciously aware that I smelled like mango pickle. And although he was super nice and gracious, I could tell the guy at the counter was thinking, "These silly white girls. She is nowhere near of Indian descent, and I am not fooled by her attempt to slather herself in mango pickle. No free mango lassi for her.'' *Sigh*

edited to add: The title of this post refers to smelling like mango pickle, and wondering whether my hair will smell like mango pickle forever. I just got a little sidetracked as I checked the weather...

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