Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Randomly random

This is Ted. Tell him he's a big dog, he likes it.
This is the culprit, cute as he may be. He is the reason behind my weekly trips to Target for more and more underwear. Trust me, you don't want to know the details. However, I am about to go again tonight...not buying underwear tonight, just returning some things I bought on impulse while I was there last night buying underwear. Yep. I've got a lovely date planned with myself for tonight...I'll hop up to Target, then order some Indian food and pick it up on the way home, then watch Bridezillas and Hex on DVR, and possibly Unbreakable from Netflix if I'm still awake. I know, it doesn't get any more exciting than that. I don't know how I handle it either.

Hey nurses...is anyone else out there starting to get all into (I almost said 'excited' but then realized that even I am not that dorky) the idea of going back to school to get your masters and maybe even be an NP only to be gobsmacked by this bizarro DNP thang?! Can anyone else explain to me why this is happening (I know, I know, four-year doctorate prepared patient care provider yaddy yaddy more cheap labor for the Health Care System Monster sorry personal opinion). I'm mostly tempted to say f*ck 'em, I'm gonna be a stinkin' masters-prepared NP anyway and if you want to pay me less or fire me in 2015 than fine, I'll be happy milkin' my pygmy goats and teaching kids to ride ponies. Then a little bit of me says, hey, if my current Health Care System Monster is willing to pay for nearly all of it, who am I to turn down the chance to get a doctorate and just be done with it?! Those are my thoughts, as small as they are. Discuss amongst yourselves. Opinions?

I'm thoroughly annoyed with myself because I'm In Waiting. Waiting for a boy to email/text/call, if you must know. I hate being like this, because I'm an independent grown-up who doesn't sit around waiting for boys to call and dammit, they should be lucky if I even deign to answer their call. Stop laughing, I like to tell myself that. It almost sort of works.

So anyway, thanks for tuning in. I have a date with Target and Bombay Grill and the TV, mustn't be late.


Sharon from NY said...

Wow.... That Ted of yours is a MONSTER! He's SO big! How does he get through the doors?? And what a beautiful boy! (Think that will make him happy???)Oh, and Ted.... Mom's underwear is NOT snack food!! I really enjoy your blog, btw, thanks for taking the time to write it.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. What do you do with your doggies on the nights that you work? Okay I guess I have another question: Also, what do you do with your doggies on the days that you have to sleep in for work that night? Just curious. I have a little dog (a Schnoodle!) and I pretty much send him to daycare on the days that I need to sleep in. BTW I'm the Portland nurse who LOVES your blog! Check mine out, if you'd like: http://hngrys7392.livejournal.com/
It's not quite as streamlined-looking as yours-- but it IS pink!

rosebuttons said...

I'm pretty lucky in that a.)I have a super fabulous friend who lives nearby and loves my doggies, so she stops by at night walk the dogs and give them some belly rubs on the nights I work, and b.) My dogs are extremely lazy and love sleeping, so they seem to have no problem cuddling in bed and sleeping all day with me :)