Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baby love

"Hey, Mum, that dishwasher is nasty. Buy me a new one. Please. T'anks verry mutch." (as said in an Irish accent. Just because that would be super cute.)

"Go ahead, mom, take your time doing your household stuff and helping Mr. Repairman. I'm very content here in Auntie Rose's lap. She's fun. She keeps telling me about the pony she's going to buy me and teach me to ride. That sounds pretty cool. Also, what's icecreamferbreakfast? She said I can eat that with her..."

This was pretty much my view for most of the day, but it doesn't get too much better than that. I even got a few smiles out of those chubby one-dimpled cheeks, and I'm mostly certain they weren't even gas. We watched HBO on-demand and drank some formula and had a couple of Code Browns (official hospital-speak for poop-in-the-pants) and even managed to put our own little fist into our mouth without missing and poking ourselves in the eye. And when you're six weeks old, that's big stuff.

I must say, after spending 48 hours this week taking care of people at the end of their lives, some slowly dying and some actively dying, and having to interact with people facing serious and debilitating and scary diseases, and needing three people to help me clean a 200-lb adult's Code Brown, hanging out with someone at the beginning of her life, who's just figuring out what she likes and doesn't like, is pretty cool. Somehow it's refreshing and comforting. Somehow it seems to restore the part of me that gets used up every time I wrap another body for the morgue cart, or hug a mother who is saying goodbye to her son.

Yes, Ted, you are still my firstest and my favoritest baby. Although you are an incredibly needy little thing...

This is my view the rest of the time...

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