Thursday, August 03, 2006

In the Navy!

The US Navy was in town last night. Well, not all of them, I guess, but many of them in their little white outfits (I suppose it's more manly to call them uniforms?) were having a night on the town (shore leave?) in Belltown. So what's a girl, even a dirty-socialist-patriot-hating-anglophile girl, to do? Well, after three martinis, dance with them of course! Every 'civilian' guy who happened to go out in Belltown last night wore a permanent scowl as he nursed his drink against the wall, cursing himself for not joining the navy and getting to wear a shiny white outfit that draws drunk girls to him like moths to a flame. Hahah.

Oh, and...
Dear Seattle,
We hate the Blue Angels. Nobody is impressed by them, nobody thinks they're cool. We think it's a great big old waste of money to pay those overgrown toddlers to fly around in their million-dollar toys, causing unnecessary noise pollution and indescribable traffic headaches. They make our doggies quiver and pee on the floor and do nothing to improve hangover headaches. So yeah, to sum up, not impressed. Spend your money on something else. However, if they were dogfighting or having some kind of 'demolition derby' in the sky, that'd be cool.


HypnoKitten said...

(sad puppy face)
but I think they're cool.... :(

I wish I had the day off yesterday. Guess I'm a redneck at heart - it was something we looked forward to as kids.

rosebuttons said...

Sorry...I forgot that there are children and young people in Seattle (it's easy to do when you live in my neighborhood) and people who remember them as kids. But I don't like fireworks or cartoons either, so I'm pretty much no fun anywhere you go :)

HypnoKitten said...

heh :)

Anonymous said...

Hates the Blue Angels???