Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snow day

So yesterday I was supposed to drive back home from Bellingham, but sometime in the afternoon it seemed like a better idea just to take a little nap on the couch and relax with my knitting for the evening and just drive home this morning. However, the snow storm that came in overnight sort of changed those plans and now I'm stuck. Funny how yesterday, I was reluctant to leave but today I'm desparate for my own house, and gray, mean rainy Seattle. I miss my dishwasher, clean clothes, and fast internet connection. The doggies are missing going outside and not being buried in snow. The "storm" isn't very bad, it's still quite warm outside, and about 6 inches have fallen so far. Nothing compared to Wisconsin standards. However, the lack of a snow plow or salt or sand trucks makes it suck a million times worse than a Wisconsin storm. Not to mention the other drivers on the road, who I won't even get started with. Let me just note however, that contrary to popular belief, "four-wheel-drive" does not actually mean, "Magic ability to drive in any weather condition without adjusting your driving." Because nursing license or not, if I see you driving like an idiot in your SUV and swerving to a stop into a telephone pole because you thought 4-wheel-drive meant "don't bother increasing your braking distance," I'm not getting out of my warm car to help you. Ok, I might get out because of ethics/shmetics, but as soon as I grab your empty head and hold your neck in traction, while I'm looking at you and assessing how much you're bleeding, I'm going to remind you that you're an awful driver and maybe next time you'll actually assess road conditions and use a little of the common sense you probably just bled out. Anyway. Maybe I'm crabby. But unless you grew up in the midwest, get your ass off the roads. Unless you are driving the ONE snow plow that Bellingham might own. I think I'm being overly optimistic on that one though. Now look, I got all worked up about other drivers.


Larjmarj said...

Yikes! I am not looking forward to the snow flying and all the stupid driving that comes along with it. There seems to be "snow amnesia" that comes every year and the F-150 truck drivers are the worst! My sister is a L&D nurse in Tacoma! and she knits.

stitchingpooh said...

med-surg nurse here in Las Vegas NM and dreading the crazy driving fools. But loving to knit. Love the blog.. Jan :o)