Saturday, November 04, 2006

Small things

Last night, I arrived at work and chatted for a bit with the day shift RN about my orange hat (which she recognized from the Stitch N Bitch book!) and glimpsed my patient's wife and daughter in his room. I didn't get a chance to say hello, but thought I'd see them once my shift started. When I came back for report, the day nurse told me they had gone home. "Once they found out you were his nurse again, they felt comfortable enough to leave and get some sleep tonight," she said. Aw. Jeez.

Later, Dr. McAwesome put an arterial line into my patient (a beautiful one! A work of art! Pardon the really really bad pun). He joked that the patient didn't really need one but he was looking for an excuse to spend more time with me on our last night together. Then he stopped by in a bit to check on things. "Everything ok, Rose?"
"Yep, he's fine, the line works great, his pressure is normal," I said.
"No, with you, how are YOU?" he joked.
"Oh, I'm great. A bit hungry, I would love a sandwich, but overall, I'm feeling great!"
He laughed and continued on down the hall.

A bit later, a huge tray of sandwiches appeared in our break room. Dr. McAwesome truly lives up to his name.

Early in the morning, Charge Nurse, Nurse J, and I were chatting about the frustrating inability of certain medical teams to make decisions. "Seriously, they need to shit or get off the pot," I added. Suddenly J looked alarmed and jumped up. "That reminds me, I left my patient on the bedpan!" and she darted down the hall.

Ok, this was valuable time I could have spent eating Easy Mac, yet I chose to share those little pearls from my night with you. Aww.

Gotta run. Hope no one floats aware in this flooding rain. But seriously, in the rain's defence, at least this is hard-core, sheets of rain, lakes of water kind of rain. None of that pissy spitty rain we usually get. Bring it.

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