Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Home again

Yes, I'm back safe and sound. Yes, I have hundreds of photos to pick through and upload and share with you. Yes, it was totally worth it and the best trip ever and I'm so super glad that I went. Yes, I nearly stayed. It was much closer than you think. Job offers from foreign dignitaries involving obscene amounts of cash can make one seriously rethink one's career direction. I'd love to tell you more but then I'd have to kill you. Besides, negotiations are still open. Never say never, especially if you can get a pony out of the deal.

But I will tell you more about the trip. And the "real" job that I started yesterday. Once I catch up on sleep, get un-jet-lagged (I'm not really jetlagged, I don't think I actually get jet-lagged, but it's a glamorous excuse for not having cleaned my apartment, caught up on emails or the blog, and yawning a lot at work.)

In the meantime, here's a preview of trip highlights:

Day One: Land at Heathrow (early!), take the tube to the hotel where I'm staying, and notice that this is the view from my window. Spend the rest of the day exploring London via Hyde Park, Oxford Street, and end the evening with the East End and Jack the Ripper.

Day Two: Revel more in the history of London, starting with the Tower, ending somewhere around Trafalgar Square with some famous portraits in between.

Day Three: Continue meeting my old Tudor buddies, at Hampton Court, after cruising high above London to check out some awesome views.

There is much more, including a train ride to York (complete with a train station baguette and a copy of OK magazine! Anyone else get how fun that is?!), driving on the other side of the road, finding the East Coast of England, an abbey built in a triple-digit year, the most beautiful church ever, and 49 hours with one of my dearest friends. But, as I already mentioned, I'm jet lagged. So I'm off to bed. I promise, photos tomorrow.

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