Thursday, October 05, 2006

Change of Shift

It's up, it's official, the new Change of Shift over at Emergiblog. Head on over to read bits and bobs from the inner workings of nurse's minds, it's not for the faint of heart, but it is truly engrossing :) And of course, there's a little something from yours truly...

OH! I got to go to the morgue last night! These next 16 shifts will be filled with "I've always wanted to...". When the guy (totally blanking on his job title) came to pick up the body in room 34 (who was also a daddy, a son, a husband, a victim of a horrible disease, but mostly a really awesome guy, but I'm sure HIPAA prefers I just call him the body...) I helped him roll the black-shrouded 'mystery' cart downstairs. Then I helped him attach chains to sling under the white-plastic zipped up body-shaped parcel, attach the chains to the hydradaulic lift, raise the body off the cart, drop it down onto another stainless steel 'stretcher' and roll on into the refridgerated compartment. He then slammed the door shut, taped a stamped name-sticker to the door, and that was that. Full circle.

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CleanDryandIntact said...

Yikes! I guess in times like those, it really helps to tell yourself that it's just the shell, not the person, getting shut off in there. But still... I'd have a hard time down there, watching that. It still feels weird bagging up bodies when they're still on the floor. Seems like they should have some kind of ceremony or something before we bag 'em up like that. I don't know.