Friday, June 16, 2006

So many fillems, Fa'er Ted!

I've seen way too many movies lately to recap and review them all for you, sorry! So, in brief:

Run out and see these movies as soon as they are in theaters:
We Go Way Back
Wristcutters: A Love Story
Eve and the Firehorse

Rent these movies on DVD, or put them to the top of your Netflix queue:
The West Wittering Affair

You'll probably forget the names of them by the time they're in theaters, let alone by when they're on DVD, because you should have gone to them at the film fest.

Also in movie news, I quite liked Friends with Money, it was pretty well-written with some great performances. Frances McDormand is always amazing, I love watching Catherine Keener because I hate her with such a passion, and Jennifer Aniston actually managed to pull of depressed and pathetic. The movie itself made me feel kind of depressed and pathetic, but I consider it a mark of a good movie if it can make you feel something.

Just Like Heaven is just right if you are looking for a light, fluffy romantic comedy. Mark Ruffalo is wasted in this role, but funny and bitter just the same.

In nursing news, nothing to report. I haven't taken care of Billy lately, but he's been trached and has a PEG now (feeding tube surgically inserted into the stomach wall). Other than that, everyone has cancer and is gonna die. Well, maybe not really, I'm just in one of those moods that it seems like that.

Hey nursing students! Always remember that the antidote to heparin is protamine. And if you have to give heparinized stem cells to a patient with a history of HITS, what should you be watching for?

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girl_in_greenwood said...

aaaaaaah! I have no idea!

But then, I just finished first quarter yesterday, so perhaps I have nothing to worry about.