Monday, June 19, 2006

Blah blah blahcakes

I've been trying to explain to Tessa here why perhaps my new lifestyle isn't the best choice, but she doesn't quite understand. You see, all weekend (and for me, "weekend" = the days in between working, so in this case, the past four days) I've had a schedule like this (and I use the word "schedule" quite loosely): wake up, check email and drink coffee, eat and watch TV, nap while I watch TV, eat while I watch TV, check email again, knit a little, watch TV and knit, snack and watch TV, go to bed. Lather rinse repeat. Since this involves lots of sitting and sleeping on the couch, which Tessa is really good at, as well as lots of eating and snacking on the couch, also one of her talents, she has been quite content. She is proud that I have finally come to appreciate her lifestyle. However, in the human world, it is perhaps not the healthiest lifestyle for staying healthy and maintaining social relationships. Which, most of the time, I don't really care about. Maybe I just needed this little vacation from the world on Rose Island. It was quite nice...I was about to title this post "Why I love being single" because I did whatever I wanted for three whole days and no one could bug me about it. Then I realized it would be just as appropriate to call it "Why I am still single," because, in case you didn't notice, showering didn't figure very prominently in the "schedule" of "weekend" events. Of course, I did shower, although that "every day" thing is totally overrated. So is changing your clothes, because seriously, once a shirt has a stain on it, why bother changing because then you'd eventually have two shirts with stains on rather than one with two stains. Efficiency, people. The name of the game on Rose Island.

Note to the people who live in the condo behind me: I'm sure that sucks a lot about whatever toilet problems you're having, but I fail to see why you must TALK ABOUT ALL THE TIME in your backyard. Shutthefuckup and go back inside. Where I come from we call that WHINING. I can hear you and I am annoyed.

Note to my neighbor: For fuck's sake, MORE LAUNDRY? Enough already. See above t-shirt stain theory.

Note to myself: If you're wondering why you came home from the grocery store with four cartons of soy creamer, two boxes of sugary cereal, two kinds of ice cream and some Kool Whip, uhm...yeah.

I forgot to mention that maybe staying on Rose Island for four days makes one a bit irritable. Or maybe I stayed on the Island because I was irritable, who knows.

Anyone want to go to Canada for the 4th? Patriotism makes me throw up a little into my mouth. Best to leave the country.

Back to work tonight. It might do me some good to clean up and join the mainlanders. You know, the people who don't live on Rose Island. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog by accident. I'm a night nurse is Portland, 32, single, with a dog, and TOTALLY could relate to your days off! Nice and cozy but may appear a bit strange to the outside world.
Haha. oh well. Who said night nurses were normal?

rosebuttons said...

I'm glad someone out there understands my 'schedule!' Maybe being awake all night sometimes just catches up with you, and joining the 'day' people is too much effort...and is it really that worth it!? Oh, and does it take you several DAYS to actually realize you could open your blinds and curtains?