Saturday, June 10, 2006

I wanna be sedated

...of course you do, you're in the ICU.

My brain is pretty random this morning. I just finished my third shift, meaning I now have four off. Yay! I drank so much raspberry Crystal Light last night I think I'm having a pulmonary embolism. Don't ask me to explain the physiology of how that could happen, but it just might.

And because unborn babies retain their cosmic powers (until they are born and claimed by their human parents), Peanut has conveniently rescheduled the Snow Patrol show for sometime in September. Now I don't have to worry about missing the show if that date turns out to be a birthday, nor do I have to worry about missing a birthday because I'm mesmerized by Gary Lightbody and his funny antics on stage. However, because unborn babies have twisted and uncanny senses of humor, I'm sure Peanut won't show up on the 15th anyway. But oh well. I've got some SIFF tickets for that night. And also, Peanut, it's not nice that Mr. Lightbody is sick and can't go on tour, if you had anything to do with that. But you'll learn all that "nice" and "good" stuff in due time. Heck, I think I'm still figuring it out.

Ted is itchy today. You know what that means...bath time! This is not a manuever to be undertaken lightly. Just read this if you don't believe me. Enforcements will be called in. Dogs will be bribed. It won't be pretty.

Today I'm going to dye my hair and see a movie about evil aliens. Whee! What could be better? But first, off to bed. Good night, morning people.

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