Friday, February 24, 2006

Ted schmoo

Originally uploaded by rosebuttons.
Yesterday I was in a funk, just kind of a glum, no-motivation mood. Just moped about the house, went to Target (which didn't even help much!), cuddled with the dogs, watched Monarch of the Glen. Maybe I'm still recovering from the stress of the blown pupil at work and the frenzy of the neurosurgeons on Tuesday. I think I'm still in a bit of a post-vacation funk and feeling sad that it's a long ways off till my next fun trip. Although I'm working on planning the trip to Whidbey so that helps. And also, looking at this little schmoo face makes it hard for anyone to be too glum. And today it's sunny but chilly, with weird snow bits on the ground (I always have a chuckle when Seattle tries to be all "wintry" like that. Heh.) So, I'm off to the park with S, which will help combat the glumness too. Enjoy your schmoo pic of the day :)

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