Friday, February 24, 2006

I am driving in my car

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This is a picture of complete doggie delight: the satisfied exhaustion of a run through the park, the comfort of basking in the sunshine, and the joy of a "goferaride in the c-a-r". If only pure bliss was as easy for all of us :)

Next time you see somebody flatline on the monitor on a TV medical show, and the docs shock them, you can shout at the TV, "That's so not real! You never shock asystole!" and sound super smart. Well, at least sound like you took a 16-hr ACLS class, like I'm doing this weekend. Funny how no matter how many hours of classes and certifications you get, the thought of asystole on your patient's monitor still makes your own heart clench up and stop and you might wet your pants a little bit. Or so I've heard. I bet that never happens when you're just answering phones or flipping burgers. But hey, maybe it does. Note to self: most days, I like my job. Wet pants, clenched hearts, and all.

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