Friday, February 17, 2006

Get out of town!

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Went to Cannon Beach on Wednesday, got back last night. Just going through the photos now, listening to the new Belle and Sebastian, in a bit of a post-vacation funk. The trip itself was awesome. Had a great road trip with dogs, and am now sure that Ted is completely over his car sickness! However, he still gets a bit squirrelly, but over all, is a very good traveller. Tessa, of course, is an old pro. She just settles into her doggy car seat and naps, looking up occasionally as we pass through towns. We stayed here, and it was adorable and cute and everything we needed. We watched silly cheesy movies and ate pizza and drank wine. Then the next day we finally saw the ocean (for the first time!!) and walked up and down the beach. It was crisp and clear and gorgeous. We toured the wee town of Cannon Beach, very very cute. We made a quick tour of Seaside, OR, and decided it was kitschy and cute but definitely to be avoided during tourist season. All in all, everyone had a great time, and we decided we really must get out of town more often!!

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