Monday, February 13, 2006

Life at work

Ack! It's been a while since I've posted anything. Ah well, at least no one is concerned. I've been at work the past three nights. Well, I'm still at work right now, but that's semantics I guess. My first night this week my patient called me a "lying sack of shit" and a "lying bitch" because I told him that there actually was not an alligator eating his foot, as he believed. Ah well. Just a bit of ICU psychosis, possibly worsening by steroids, and maybe even a little HHV6 on the brain. I didn't take it personally. At least he didn't believe monkeys were eating his foot, because I was wearing my monkey print scrub top. It was a little weird as I was in my other patient's room down the hall, taking his vital signs, and I could hear my first patient yelling down the hall, "Why are you trying to kill me?" The following night at work I had a different assignment in the ICU. This patient was completely unresponsive and obtunded and no one knew why. Needless to say, I didn't get called any names at least. Tonight I have an ICU admit who thankfully is not too acutely ill although the large hemorrhage and midline shift on his CT does not bode well.

In other thrilling news, I've unpacked my new sewing machine and made my first pillow! Yay! I can't wait to make many many more and even some curtains this week. Of course I am am still knitting...hope to finish the plaid scarf this week and get a lot more done on the baby blanket and the blue cabled hat. Then maybe I'll start a wee kimono or cardigan. There just aren't enough crafty hours in the day!

On the dating front...I had sushi with S on Thursday. He met the dogs, which went well except Tessa was not overly impressed. That does not bode well. I suggested maybe bowling this week with my friends, which he apparently took to mean that I wanted to do something more casual and let him down easy. Weird. Guys are just weird. Had some nachos and met G for the first time last week, that was cool. Will hopefully see him again, maybe even this week. He seems fun and goofy but not as quirky weird as S. But there's something about S's quirkiness that fascinating in a nearly repellent way. I don't know though. No one should mention smurfs and p*rnography in the same sentence. Regardless, I'm think I'm going to quit the dating scene thing for a bit. I've got cable now, and would mostly rather stay home and sew seams and knit hats. Sounds lame I know, but my cable box and my dogs are better company than 99.94% of other people out there. And you 0.06%, you know who you are :)

I will post some photos with my new camera soon...of the lovely pillows, and the adventure to Cannon Beach!

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