Friday, August 24, 2007

Not so bad

I am tentatively reporting that so far, I think I really like my new job. Of course, it's very early days so far...but it really seems to fit. Beyond the goodies like computer charting, I'm just so tickled and happy to be back at a teaching hospital, I love seeing the gaggles of white-coated students and interns following their attending on rounds, looking like sleep-deprived fearful ducklings and mumbling incoherently as they step on the back of each other's shiny new Danskos when the attending stops the parade unexpectedly. I love listening in on rounds if I'm available, I love the new equipment and latest technology and the use of PEEP trials and arterial lines and how everyone actually knows what a hemoglobin A1C is, and why we should draw them. I love the air beds and water beds and sand beds. And so far, most of the nurses seem really nice, and welcoming, and helpful. The other day I volunteered to help an intern insert a foley catheter, only to discover that it was her very first one EVER, and so I actually taught her how to do it.

Maybe it's because my first job as a nursing tech was at a teaching hospital, and then my first two years as an RN were at teaching hospitals, but something about this job feels a bit like coming home. Slipping back into my comfort zone, with familiar insulin drip algorithms and other such protocols, it's nice.

Anyway, it's all good. It's very important for a lazy, homebody person like me to have a job that I actually enjoy, a place I want to go to, and I've got that again. Phew :)

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