Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Walking for Wildlife!

Me and my chubby couch potatoes are going to get off our butts on Saturday and do the PAWS Walk! It will be a challenge...for me, because I have to be awake around 8:00am, and for them, because, well, they're looking a little sausage-like lately. BUT it's only 5K, and I'm fairly confident we can all do it. Will try to get some cute pics but in the mass doggy confusion it might be hard! Anyway, if you're at all inclined, head over to my webpage to learn more about it, and what PAWS does in our community. And of course donations are greatly appreciated, you will get wet doggy kisses via email :)

In other news, I'm leaving town next week! Well, only for one night. But sometimes, that's all you need. Me and the my fearless travelling companions, the Wonder Weenies, and S, are all heading south to the ocean. We will learn about fruit that grows in bogs, eat pizza, run (two-legged creatures will be walking) on the beach, take lotsa photos, and enjoy our peaceful cabin in the woods. Ah. It will be lovely.

And now, your Ted for Today:


steph said...

It's the paddle foot! All the better for running on the beach :)

steph said...

It's the paddle foot! all the better for running on the beach :)