Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dating updating!

Gosh, I've been neglectful...are you all gasping for details on my coffee date with R?! Probably not, but you get them anyway. No juicy details to impart, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised (comment from J: "Why are you always so surprised when a date goes well? Are you expectations that low?!") Uhm, I guess they are. But seriously, considering my past history, I think I'm still entitled to be surprised when someone shows up in clean, unripped clothing and buys me a cup of coffee. Anyway, R was pretty cute, funny, and smart. And also had a sweet sensitive side, since he wants to be a writer and loves reading. Aww. We even made plans to try to get together soon for dinner, so he's either a good liar and says that to all his dates or he actually maybe liked me a little, at least enough to want to see me again.

Tonight I went out to sushi with C, who I almost didn't go out with because he works in sales and lives on the east side and tried to get me to come over there for dinner. BUT I held out, convinced him to come to this side of the water, and gave him a chance. It was a not-unpleasant evening, but nothing memorable.

Tomorrow may be dinner or drinks with J, who happens to be a night shift nurse. Maybe we'll stay up all night trading stories about mucous plugs or nectrotizing fasciitis. I can't wait!

Oh, when I got home from sushi with C, I went to go comb my hair and a live spider fell out of it. Heh. If C doesn't call again, I guess I know why!

Also, I'm contemplating changing hospitals and units. Not that I don't love my unit and my coworkers and patients, but my interest has been sparked in something else. And I feel like I need to move on before I completely burn out, at least emotionally. My SuperNurse facade may be fooling you (and me) but in reality each of these patients and family members who get to me, then leave me, take a little bit of me with them. I don't want to give away any more information about my future plans until they're more concrete, but I'm already re-reading chapters in my nursing texts and checking the mileage from my house to New Hospital, so maybe I'm really ready. Stay tuned...

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