Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big walkies!

Today was the big 5K PAWS walk at Magnuson Park. Despite the typical Seattle September weather, we were there, along with over 1000 other Seattle doggies.

We signed in, then got the doggies properly attired in their stylish PAWS bandanas. Unfortunately they did not have Weenie Size and Tessa occasionally got her paw stuck in hers, and Ted's dragged through a few puddles.

While we were waiting for the walk to start, Ted wandered off and we had to convince him that he was not part of Team Terrier.

Then, we were off! Following the signs...

And five kilometers and two very wet bellies later, we were done, to much applause. Which the Wonder Weenies took in stride of course, because really, why shouldn't there be much applause for them all the time?

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