Monday, March 06, 2006

Log in for love

Heh...there's a new show on TLC by that name, about online dating, it's very good. I highly recommend it.

Along those lines...I had a date tonight, even though I'd sworn it off. Somehow this one emailed me just under the wire of my "expiration" from match dot com, and tonight I finally met M in person. Verdict? There might a possibility here. Not sure of what, don't want to say anything too early. But he's not a weirdo, or scary, and he saw Brokeback Mountain and isn't bothered by gay people. (reference to date on Saturday...not even worth blogging...). He's also in the medical field, likes dogs, owns his own home. So...we're going out again, this time for dinner, on Wednesday night. Stay tuned!

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