Monday, March 13, 2006

Day by the Bay

I am smitten...with wee little Bellingham. It's just so small, and quiet, and simple, and there's all this water and water and mountains and trees. Ahh. It was easy to find parking spots, and the shops were charming, and there were lots of Thai and Indian restaurants. I could definitely live there. I saw the parents, Mum had her first fish tacos, and it was a good day. Now, must be getting to sleep early so I can clean tomorrow for their visit...

Yesterday I went to Bainbridge on the ferry with Mike, and I think we had a lovely time. I love riding the ferries. I was in a little bit a daze...that first day off after a stretch of work days is always wonky. I'm worn out and dazed from work, both mentally and physically, I've slept very little, and I'm not quite sure what time of day it that made it a little weird. Then...he kissed me goodbye before I got in my car. It was okay, I was kind of surprised, then later I was kind of annoyed that he kissed me in a parking garage, then I was bothered by the fact that all I had felt was annoyed and nothing else. Hmm. We're going to see a show at the Triple Door tomorrow so I'll see how that goes.

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