Tuesday, December 27, 2005

new stuff

I love these! They are my new boots. I am going to wear them all the time. Even on dates. Especially on dates!

Tonight I met a fellow, B, at the usual first date locale. He was a very nice guy. He lives in Sea Tac and does something with computers. He was very nice. He asked me what kind of car I drove and didn't leave a very big tip for the waitress. But very nice. Should there be some sort of spark or something the first time you meet someone? I am also emailing someone, D, who makes me smile just from his descriptions of what he likes to bake in his email. There's also J and C on email too. C has a dog with cool blue eyes, but J lived in New Zealand for a couple of years. Maybe there should be some sort of feeling, even if it's not a spark, that I want to be around person X again, and soon. Instead of a sort of "I should maybe see this person again, maybe" kind of feeling.

Ah well. I have my lovely boots. That's all I need for now.

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