Thursday, December 22, 2005

Deal Breakers

Due to a recent email from a prospective suitor, I've had to add yet another item to my increasingly long list of Non-negotiable Deal Breakers. Everyone has such a list, some people are just more willing to admit that they do. The List contains things that would immediately eliminate someone from consideration for dating, some things even eliminate someone from the Friend zone. But that's a whole other post :) The List has certain obvious items, such as #47: Married. One of my friend's lists has #32: Glass eye (come on, everyone has weird little things they can't get past.) For example, here are some items on my list:

  • Voted for Bush (any of them)
  • Allergic to dogs
  • Wearing a backwards baseball cap
  • Dislike of dogs
  • Eats with his mouth open
  • Dogs dislike him

    I could go on an on with this list, probably more than I should, according to some well-meaning advice givers. But that's not the point, the point is that yesterday I had to add "Used the phrase 'masturbating zombies' in his first correspondence with me" to the NNDB List. There are some weirdos out there, and that's what I get for giving Renton a chance.

    I am trying really hard to be a big enough person to keep things like "small hands" and "long hair" off my list. And I am willing to admit that really, just about every item on The List is negotiable. Well, except the dog thing.

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