Monday, March 10, 2008

Puffy eyes

I have lots to say, its swimming around in my head and as soon as I have a little time off I think I'm gonna spew it all on here.

I've been working a lot. My patients are young and they are dying. I cried last night at work, for only the second time in five years there. Of course, I've cried on the way home plenty of times, I've cried during Dawson's Creek and Law and Order cathartically for my patients, but sometimes...even if you try to be professional and do you your job and keep in inside, it creeps up on you. Thank goodness for kindhearted colleagues who simply pat you on the shoulder, make you a cup of tea, hand you a box of tissues, and tell you to walk and away and take a little break.

More later. When the eyes are a little drier so I can see what I'm typing.

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