Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog hospital

Something strange has been happening in my wiener dog family... when Ted went to the vet to get his teeth cleaned, Tessa got sick with some nasty GI virus. When Tessa went to the vet to get her teeth done, Ted got sick with some nasty GI virus. How weird is that? What is going on? My normally healthy little dogs are rarely sick, despite the nasty bits and pieces they occasionally try to snack on during our walks. So, yet again, I am making boiled chicken and rice to sooth the tummies of my little dogs, giving them lots of cuddles, very frequent trips outside, and washing the rugs. Tessa is doing better after her dental surgery and it appears that she can still keep her tongue inside her mouth (one worries about these things as the old girl loses more and more teeth).

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Anonymous said...

My guess is..they both would have had the virus even if neither one went to the dentist. In roughly 7-10 days of each other of course! :) Good luck curing the tummy issues. That happened to my large dog last year. Bad news it was, bad news.;)