Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ted and the Duck

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Welcome to Ted's movie reviews! Well, not really, but the only interesting recent photo that I have is this one of Ted. Seriously, I do have two dogs, and I love them BOTH to bits, but the other dog, Tessa, chooses to sleep under her down blankie on the couch in the other room while I'm at the computer. Therefore, she is not such an easy target for my camera...

The Seattle Film Festival is in full swing, and I'm desparately trying to use up my 20 passes that I bought back in January. So far:

Adam's Apples, a Denmarkian movie, a black comedy. It's sort of about a Adam, a neo-Nazi ex-convict sent to live at a tiny little parish church and do community service or something. He ends up there with Khalid, a Saudi ex-con who used to rob gas stations, and Gunnar, an alcoholic who used to rape and kidnap women. Also a tennis star in his youth, although he now weighs about 300 pounds. And does shots of cough syrup, nearly two or three bottles a day. The priest of the parish is a bizarre psychopath who is in complete denial that he is dying of a brain tumor, has a paralyzed, retarded son, was raped and molested by his own father, and his wife recently committed suicide. He's just convinced that the devil is testing him, that's all. Adam is so annoyed and befuddled by this lunacy that he becomes determined to make the priest see the truth. It was strange and sometimes funny and sometimes disturbing. Overall, 2.5 stars (out of 5).

Then I saw Huldufolk 102, a documentary by a young American woman (who was at the screening!) about the phenomena of "hidden people" in the Icelandic culture. Apparently, most Icelandic people believe (or, "don't deny the existence of") hidden people or elves who live everywhere, have somewhat magical powers, and live in big rocks. So much so that entire roads and homes have been built around certain rocks in order to avoid upsetting the elves who live there. It was really interesting, mostly for the interviews with some fascinating Icelandic people. 4 out of 5 stars.

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