Monday, April 03, 2006

Recycled clothes!

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I did it again! I just can't stop. I made another skirt out of a pair of pants that I didn't like anymore, except now as a skirt, I like the brown corduroy so much more! And it's so easy and fun, especially after you realize you're loading the bobbin wrong and you fix it and it's like magic. This is a close of the hem, with the zigzag stitch, to keep it from fraying too much. A little fraying is okay, because then you can wear it casually with sneakers or flip flops. In my world, my fashion rules make complete sense.

Today my horoscope said, "Maintain a low profile so that you don't have to tell people everything that you're feeling." I typically only read them for amusement but today it totally echoed how I felt. I just really wanted to stay home, all holed up my sewing and my knitting and Grey's Anatomy and some spaghetti and fake meatballs. I didn't want to smile and be friendly and face the SMs, I just wasn't up to it. It's not their fault, they're SMs, and sometimes a girl's had enough.

Tomorrow...(er, today?!) I'm off to wonderful Bellingham to look at some rental places, have a nice lunch near the bay, and maybe see some flowers on the way home. I might even bring the doggies. Whee. Day trip!

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