Friday, February 08, 2008

Seacaucus, sawcaucus.

I'm going to caucus for Obama because I don't believe there should be a woman as president. They are too emotional and generally have bad judgment. Not to mention, they are terrible drivers.

I.Am.Totally.Kidding. Well, except that that driving thing. Women suck at it.

Does anyone else remember back in the day, when it was considered rude to ask someone who they were voting for, that it was none of their business? Because I'm not sure why the phlebotomist who drew my blood today felt like it was totally okay to ask me who I would vote for. So I told her that convicted felons aren't allowed to vote, so at least I don't have worry about it. Because I'm too lazy to look it up, anyone have any good links that help explain Obama's policies/plans for healthcare reform? Sure, he may be inspirational and full of hope, blah blah changecakes, but I'm too cold and dead inside to be swayed by a moving speech or a touch of inspiration. I want plans.

And also...I am NOT defending the misogynistic theocracy of Saudi Arabia, but I have to play devil's advocate on this article, "Saudi Cops Grab U.S. Woman..."

Sure, it might be a bit crazy to a lot of the world that unrelated men and women cannot be together in public, but thems the rules over there. So this American woman knowingly broke the law, and goes to jail for her offense, and uhm...? Sorry. Maybe I just have a problem with her because when the power goes out in your office, you GO HOME for the day. Whee! Day off. What was she thinking? You do NOT break the law simply to get a little more work done for the day. Sheesh. Maybe a night in jail helped loosen her up a bit. Kidding. Again. Totally. Kidding.

And, Mr. Restoftheworld? You do not get off poking fun of Saudi's silly laws against women or highlighting an amusing anecdote to show how "backwards" those people are. In the same article, substitute "woman" for "racial minority"...are you still scoffing and smirking and shaking your head? Or are you sending in UN Peacekeeping forces and demanding universal human rights? Anyway. But at least they don't let women drive over there... IAMKIDDING! Get a grip.

Let's is where should apologize for not updating lately. I'll try harder in the future. But to recap: Love my "new" job again, nightshift rocks, TESOL class lots of fun, cancer patients depress and inspire me. I'm considering taking the CCRN, being charge nurse, going to Turkey, making mini Turkey meatloaf muffins, going to Egypt and Jordan, and a retirement plan. I knit Foliage from (and I love it!), a feather and fan pattern baby blankie and matching hat, and I'm working on a long grey scarf and another baby hat. I'm totally addicted to Law and Order, it's like TV crack, and I can't turn it off. Ever.

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